Brits land grabs: AfriBusiness obtains final court order against land invaders

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AfriBusiness obtained a final court order to stop illegal land invaders in the vicinity of Hoërskool Wagpos in the Brits area in their tracks. 

AfriBusiness has already appeared in court numerous times regarding these land grabs, but in each instance the business watchdog was only granted an interim court order. The order has now been confirmed as final after the legal representatives of the land invaders had withdrawn their defence against AfriBusiness’s case.

“This is the third final court order of its kind that has been granted to AfriBusiness, and is a major victory for the organisation. We have also obtained final court orders against invaders in the areas of Mooinooi and Bronkhorstspruit. Land invasion is illegal and property owners have the right to protect their property, as the Court now once again confirmed,” says Armand Greyling, Law and Policy Analyst at AfriBusiness.

Greyling also says that land owners should familiarise themselves with their rights and act without delay when their land is being invaded. Land owners should immediately lay charges of trespassing with the Police and call out the Police. If the Police fails or refuses to come out, an urgent Court application can be obtained. Land owners are encouraged to report cases to AfriBusiness for help and advice. The organisation’s decision to intervene will be based on the merits of each case.