Sakeliga to participate in Bitcoin event exploring parallel structures for free and prosperous societies


Sakeliga Executive Director and economist Russell Lamberti will speak at the upcoming Adopting Bitcoin Cape Town conference at the Cape Town International Convention Centre on 26 – 28 January 2024. His talk will outline Sakeliga’s strategy for developing scalable solutions to state failure and fostering a thriving economy that will be resilient to harmful state intervention.

The conference is seen as a forum to bring together institutions, businesses and entrepreneurs developing parallel solutions both inside and outside the Bitcoin economy. With local institutions creating alternatives amidst state decay, and Bitcoiners seeking to forge an alternative to state-controlled money, the conference promises to be a confluence of ideas for independence and strategies for state-proofing.

Ricki Allardice, Founder of Bitcoin Only explains “The global evolving landscape increasingly mirrors South Africa’s institutional challenges. As traditional structures falter, the expertise of South African parallel institutions becomes invaluable for the Bitcoin community. Beyond monetary solutions, these institutions offer profound insights into building free and prosperous societies.”

“The conference aims to initiate crucial dialogue between these groups, fostering integration, participation, and mutually beneficial discussions. It seeks to provide a platform for action steps that enhance the resilience of the Bitcoin community and local parallel institutions. Join us for this groundbreaking event as we pave the way for collaboration, strengthening anti-fragility, and driving meaningful change.” Allardice concludes.

Tickets are available here.