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Sakeliga has an independent board and executive team, members in South Africa and abroad, and growing network of affiliates and partners in all sectors.


Sakeliga is a non-profit company and a public benefit organisation.


Our place of effective management is in South Africa and we are gradually expanding our network globally.

We are an independent business community that nurtures healthy business environments.

At Sakeliga we spend our money, time and energy in formulating a vision for organised business, and we offer a home to business people, businesses and supporters who help develop and achieve this vision.


We view ourselves as a self-reliant business community. We are not a business community in isolation, but a business community capable of rendering the business environment more favourable and the people more prosperous in the interests of its members and all communities where they do business.

Our members contribute to the following institutional objectives:

Build an independent business community
Reform institutions towards a favourable business environment
Build alternative business environments
Facilitate economies of scale


Why Sakeliga?

By adding your membership and support to Sakeliga you stand up for what is right and you help to build alternatives in the interests of business communities across the country. You become part of a self-reliant business community that adds value to one another in a value-driven way.

With a membership and network of more than 40 000 businesses and business people – and its new affiliation programme for local business chambers – Sakeliga is one of the largest business organisations in South Africa, currently spreading its wings internationally.


A self-reliant business community that creates favourable business environments for its members and all communities where its members do business.


Less politics, more business; Free markets and constitutional dispensations; Legal action against harmful policy


Develop the technology, institutions, infrastructure, services and network required to do business notwithstanding state decay and political risk.


Establish and support chambers of commerce and taxpayers' unions in your community.


Sakeplein.com is Sakeliga's online business community where members can reach out to each other and establish meaningful business cooperation independently.
Doing business without advertising is like winking for someone in the dark. Apart from you, nobody is going to know what you are doing.

Sakeliga has negotiated a co-operation agreement with PretoriaFM. This radio station offers business members of Sakeliga exclusive discount packages.

Advice from an expert attorney gives peace of mind.

Legalex offers legal insurance at reduced tariffs for businesses of business members of Sakeliga. Apart from comprehensive cover and advice, Sakeliga members also get R30 000 cover for the legal costs of an eviction order as part of Sakeliga’s LandGrab911 benefit.
Winning teams excel because they may rely on the experience of a coach to take them to the next level.

Sakeliga recommends ActionCoach Fergusmor. Business members of Sakeliga get 25% discount on coaching fees, and the first consultation is free.

Get advice to manage your staff correctly and fairly so they may continue being your major asset.

Sakeliga has concluded a co-operation agreement with the LWO Employers Organisation. Business members of Sakeliga get 20% discount on the LWO’s one-off registration fee. Various monthly packages are available.
Your business is your bread and butter, but your language is your passion. Virseker ensures that you do not have to choose between the two.

Virseker offers cover in Afrikaans for more than 700 business types. Part of your premium goes to the Virseker Trust to support Afrikaans tuition. Together we insure Afrikaans.
Creating international income streams is the only way to make your business state-proof.

Currency Assist offers Sakeliga members exclusive discount fees for foreign exchange transactions. Get assistance to get your affairs in order.

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