Sakeliga’s cost-friendly arbitration platform is currently in a pilot project phase, which aims to bring emergency relief to trial-ready parties in commercial disputes that are stuck on the court roll. More than 40 lawyers and advocates have already indicated their willingness to put one to three days aside for a pro deo arbitration hearing. Suitable parties can now refer their trial-ready cases to Sakeliga’s arbitration platform. Criteria include:


Minutes of pre-trial hearing

Parties to complete the minutes of the pre-trial hearing, as well as the annexure thereto. Download the documents here.

Contact us

One of the parties must send an email to [email protected] and set out the broad details of the dispute so that Sakeliga can determine whether the dispute is suitable for Sakeliga's platform. The completed minutes of the pre-trial hearing as well as the attachment thereto must also be attached.


If the dispute is suitable for resolution via Sakeliga's platform, parties will be able to nominate an arbitrator from the options made available to them. The parties, in particular the dominus litus, must then make further arrangements with the arbitrator, and Sakeliga will receive feedback about the efficiency of the process from the arbitrator and parties after the trial.


For the pilot project, arbitrators are not compensated and therefore the parties do not bear the costs for the arbitrator’s involvement and time. However, there is limited capacity available for the pilot project and Sakeliga does not guarantee that any party applying will be eligible for arbitration via the cost-friendly pilot project.

Parties are also responsible for the costs of their own legal teams.

It is the responsibility of the parties to determine a location and date for the arbitration in consultation with the arbitrator.
On special request, Sakeliga can make conference and audio facilities available for arbitration.

Suitable parties are parties that are currently before the High Court with a trial-ready case (commercial in nature), and would rather prefer to refer the case for arbitration via Sakeliga’s platform. At least one of the parties must also be a member of Sakeliga.

Arbitration hearings must be finalised within one to three days.

Simply send an email to [email protected] and indicate:

  1. Your name and surname
  2. Your profession (lawyer / advocate / others)
  3. Years of experience in profession
  4. Specialist fields in which you practice (eg. contracts, construction, etc.)


We will then contact you to discuss your involvement.