Expropriation Bill: Businesses and civil society must resolutely oppose property confiscation

To the extent that the Expropriation Bill were to become operational, it would be a serious blow to security of property and by extension to the very constitutionality of the South African order. It is not sufficient merely to hope that such legislation will be reversed by political change. Successful opposition by businesses and civil […]

State unlawfully trying to make BEE a prerequisite for air services licenses

The Air Services Licensing Council (ASLC) is unlawfully threatening to withhold air services licenses from aviation business owners based on their race. In a letter from our attorneys, Sakeliga has urgently demanded that the ASLC immediately stops this unlawful and unconstitutional process. Sakeliga invites role players in the aviation industry who require more information on […]

New state procurement proposal a perfect recipe for accelerated state failure

The latest amendments by the National Treasury to the State Procurement Bill are the perfect recipe for accelerated state failure. It aims to compel all municipalities, provinces, and state entities – regardless of political party or ‘independence’ – to award tenders according to the same failed national government policies. The proposals create explicit obligations for […]

2023 Summit for stronger business chambers and organisations

Sakeliga is hosting a summit for chambers of commerce and business organisations on 26 and 27 October to determine strategies for restoring order in towns and cities. Speakers for the summit include, among others: Russell Lamberti, Executive Director: Sakeliga; Péter Wassenaar, Attorney: Kriek, Wassenaar & Partners; JP (Johan) Botha, Sinoville Fire Fighting Association; Boeta du […]

Small-town South Africa is down, but that doesn’t mean it is out

Many an obituary has been written about South Africa’s small and remote towns. However, while many of these towns have been and are suffering from chronic mismanagement and decay, hope is emerging in new paradigms that move beyond overreliance and dependence upon a failing state. Bringing stability and prosperity back to local economies and communities […]

Sakeliga rejects Sahpra’s BEE conditions for medical products

Sakeliga rejects the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority’s (Sahpra) proposed BEE conditions for the manufacture, import, prescribing and trading of health products and medical equipment.  Sahpra’s plan to make BEE a prerequisite in the medical industry is contained in a new draft policy entitled “Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment Policy for Issuance of Licences”. The […]