Sakeliga and Pretoria Sakekamer to investigate PEU/TUMS matter in Tshwane

Sakeliga and the Pretoria Sakekamer are approaching the City of Tshwane regarding hitherto undisclosed liabilities resulting from illegal electricity meter contracts with PEU Capital Partners (PEU) and Total Utility Management Services (TUMS).

Sakeliga and the Pretoria Sakekamer seek further information, including financial and audit information, which would enable us to determine the extent to which we could help relieve the city of financial burdens borne from illegal activity.

This follows revelations earlier today by Tshwane Mayor Cilliers Brink that R2 billion of formerly undisclosed payments have been made by the city in connection with the liabilities. The liabilities appear to result from payments that PEU and/or TUMS made to themselves, at a time when they had direct access to the city’s bank accounts.

Under the Municipal Finance Management Act, no company may directly access municipal bank accounts in absence of a court order or legal exemption to that effect. Sakeliga has successfully interdicted such arrangements before.

For further information on our previous litigation to set aside the contracts with PEU and TUMS, concluded under the then Mayor Kgosientsho Ramokgopa (current Minister of Electricity), click here.