Sakeliga questions FSTC’s authority to compel BEE reporting

The Financial Sector Transformation Council (FSTC) has demanded that all financial institutions, from individuals to large corporations, provide it with BEE compliance reporting by 28 June. The FSTC appears to be overreaching by demanding B-BBEE reporting from financial institutions not involved in B-BBEE transactions or certification processes. Sakeliga questions the FSTC’s authority to compel businesses […]

Sakeliga ready against attempts to give Post Office a monopoly

Sakeliga staunchly opposes efforts to grant the Post Office a continued monopoly over postal services. It is impractical and irrational to consider granting monopoly rights to the Post Office, given its advanced state of deterioration. Sakeliga remains vigilant in monitoring developments and ready to take legal action if necessary to protect the interests of competition […]

Sakeliga wins court case against illegal municipal collections

Sakeliga won a court case regarding municipal levies and taxes. The court order (click here to view the court order) helps to protect businesspeople and other residents from unlawful and unaffordable municipal collections in their towns. Without the court order, an external company in Kgetlengrivier Local Municipality (Koster, Swartruggens, and surroundings) would have been able […]

FSCA preparing to demand BEE prerequisites from financial services providers

The FSCA and the BEE Commission signed a MoU to facilitate withholding licenses and prosecuting financial services providers operating below future stipulated BEE thresholds. Currently, such enforcement by the FSCA or BEE Commission would be unlawful, which is why they are eager to have the Conduct of Financial Institutions Bill (COFI, currently before Parliament) passed. […]

Looming ICASA BEE regulations threaten to harm the entire economy

ICASA’s new race-based ownership and equity regulations are a significant threat to the viability of telecommunications and internet services businesses, with the potential to set damaging precedent for other major sectors. With the enforcement date of March 30, 2024, looming, stakeholders should unite and challenge these regulations urgently before they inflict economic harm in the […]

Employers are in a strong position against new employment quotas

The latest draft employment equity quotas are watered down and incoherent, showing employers are in a strong position to avoid and oppose further state interference in hiring processes. Both the amendment and the draft regulations remain highly contentious in litigation, unenforceable in practice, and altogether against the public interest. Sakeliga advises businesspeople to remain firm […]

Find more “Solutions for South Africa’s countryside” at this conference

The countryside is in decline, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Businesspeople can intervene, and here is another opportunity to find out how: the Oplossings vir Suid-Afrika se platteland conference on 20 and 21 February 2024, outside Bothaville. As a partner of this conference, presented by Landbouweekblad and Senwes, Sakeliga would like to invite everyone in our network […]

10 Best practices for business chambers to tackle state failure

With or without the consent of the state: What can business chambers do when state failure threatens their towns? This was the question at Sakeliga’s 2023 Summit for Stronger Business Chambers and Business Organisations. Here are the speakers’ top 10 best practices for business chambers: Want to see more of these kinds of solutions and […]

Lockdown Transparency: Sakeliga files application for contempt against COGTA minister

Sakeliga has brought a high court application to have the Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (COGTA) declared guilty of contempt of court. The latest contempt proceedings seek to clarify the deliberative and decision-making processes before the imposition of harmful and irrational policies that led to millions of job losses, business closures, and wealth-destruction. […]

Air Services Licensing Council takes legal advice on its unlawful BEE requirements

The Air Services Licensing Council (ASLC) has asked Sakeliga for time to seek legal advice on a letter from our attorneys regarding its irresponsible and unlawful air service licencing processes. If proper, the advice will confirm to the ASLC that there is no basis in law for making race, transformation, or B-BBEE a prerequisite for […]