[Listen] BEE code: Sakeliga opposed to racially based interference in the legal profession

Sakeliga Team Members_Piet le Roux

In this insert, Piet le Roux (Sakeliga’s CEO) contributes to the Beleidsradar discussion on Sakekern (Pretoria FM) regarding the proposed BEE code for the legal profession.

Le Roux argues that the code envisions strict BEE-provisions for the legal profession with harmful effects for legal professionals and their clients.

The code will enforce strict racial transformation requirements in the legal profession and introduce further unreasonable provisions, which could even boil down to compulsory labour. If enforced, legal practitioners may eventually find it impossible to practise their profession. In general, the code will endanger the trust relationship between practitioners and their clients, and will violate the essential independence of the legal profession.

Sakeliga is opposed to the code in its entirety and recently submitted commentary in this regard.