2023 Summit for stronger business chambers and organisations

Piet Le Roux - Presenting

Sakeliga is hosting a summit for chambers of commerce and business organisations on 26 and 27 October to determine strategies for restoring order in towns and cities.

Speakers for the summit include, among others: Russell Lamberti, Executive Director: Sakeliga; Péter Wassenaar, Attorney: Kriek, Wassenaar & Partners; JP (Johan) Botha, Sinoville Fire Fighting Association; Boeta du Toit, CEO: Agri NW; and Jannie Schabort, Chairman: Mafube Business Forum.

Far-reaching and critically important themes will be discussed during the summit such as:

  1. What state decay means for business organisations’ strategy
  2. Litigation strategy & Alternative service structures
  3. Starting your own fire department: lessons learned and how to do it right
  4. How Agri NW and businesspeople work together for solutions in Lichtenburg
  5. How the Mafube Business Forum intervenes in state decay in Frankfort

The crisis in local municipalities is not going to be solved by failed local governments. The solution is going to have to come from businesspeople and community organisations of towns themselves, or there will be no recovery. However, this cannot be done successfully by any one person or group in isolation. Participation and assistance from a wider set of communities and organisations is essential. A strong network of business organisations can, with or without the cooperation of government and state entities, reverse local decline and make the economic environment of their towns and regions favourable again.

The Business Chamber Support Network provides the network and know-how for scalable local solutions to decay for chambers of commerce, industry associations and other independent business organizations. Organisations across the country help and support each other to improve, restore, and take control of their local business environments in the public interest.