“AfriBusiness supports property rights. We monitor what happens in parliament, deliver input, and take cases to court if necessary. But it would not be wise to put all one’s eggs in the basket of better political decisions. Therefore, we also work to protect our members’ interests – and the public interest – even under the worst possible political leadership.

– Piet le Roux, CEO AfriBusiness –

Constitutional Review Committee public consultations schedule 

Limpopo & Northern Cape        27 – 30 Junie 201

Mpumalanga & Freestate        2 – 4 Julie 2018

Natal & North-West                17 – 19 Julie 2018

Gauteng & Eastern-Cape        26 – 28 Julie 2018

Western-Cape                         1 – 4 Augustus 2018

Click here for the complete schedule.

AfriBusiness opposes the amendment of the Constitution to facilitate expropriation without

AfriBusiness has submitted its objections to the proposed amendments in writing to the Constitutional Review Committee. It includes

  1. AfriBusiness’s position, authored by Piet le Roux, CEO of AfriBusiness
  2. Objections from a constitutional perspective, authored by Professor Koos Malan of the University of Pretoria
  3. Objections from an international law perspective, authored by Professor Hennie Strydom of the University of Johannesburg
  4. Objections from an economic perspective, authored by Russell Lamberti, macro-strategist at ETM Analytics
  5. An commentary on factual and statistical errors in the motion for expropriation without compensation proposed by the EFF and ANC and carried in Parliament.

Click here for the complete document.



Expropriation without compensation undermines constitutional legitimacy  

Announcement: AfriBusiness to provide free legal aid to member in first case of expropriation without compensation

National forum for dialogue one-sided, faces crisis of legitemacy

A review on AfriBusiness’ summit on expropriation without compensation

Expropriation without compensation based on statistical fiction

Afribusiness holds summit on expropriation without compensation

ANC and EFF wants to expropriate without compensation. AfriBusiness says NO

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