Sakeliga supports Business for Ending Lockdown 

Business group Sakeliga is proud to be a founding signatory to the Business for Ending Lockdown campaign.

Piet le Roux, CEO of Sakeliga, says ending lockdown is the only way to recover from the unfolding humanitarian disaster. “First, as business, we do not want a change in levels, or more commissions, or more exceptions. We want a complete resumption of economic activity, with the freedom to take health measures based on our own good judgments and the characteristics and requirements of our customers.””

“Second, even though businesses are united behind ending lockdown, the message is not getting through to government via NEDLAC. We are dismayed that the Presidency and NEDLAC’s response this week to the unfolding economic crisis was to set up yet another commission, instead of ending lockdown.”

“Third, the campaign serves to connect and coordinate business organisations, businesses, and individual businesspeople willing to take a stand. It gives businesses and the public the confidence of having strength in numbers, emboldening the spontaneous rejection of lockdown – and its irrational and harmful regulations – taking place all over the country.”

Sakeliga encourages all business organisations to add their voice to the campaign and will ask its members to give their individual support as well. Sakeliga represents more than 20 000 businesses and businesspersons, and several chambers of commerce.