Podcast: Discussion with David Ansara (CRA) on EWC, USA-relations and Trade


David Ansara, Chief Operating Officer of the Centre for Risk Analysis (CRA) joins the Policy Radar to give his thoughts on US Secretary of State Mike, Pompeo’s, recent comments at the African Union on Expropriation without Compensation (EWC).

Listen to the full discussion below: 

Listen to “David Ansara (CRA) on Mike Pompeo’s AU Comments on EWC and USA SA Diplomatic Relations” on Spreaker.


The discussion considers US South Africa diplomacy, AGOA, developments around the amendment of Section 25 of the SA Constitution, and the possible consequences should South Africa lose its preferential (GSP and AGOA) access to US markets.

Listen to Pompeo’s comments here.

The episode is hosted by Gerhard van Onselen, Senior Analyst at Sakeliga.