Organisations vow: The fight against EWC has just begun

Sakeliga hosts urgent summit in opposition to expropriation without compensation

“The fight is on. It has only just started, and it will only stop once EWC is either averted or reversed.” This was the sentiment today at Sakeliga’s urgent summit for organisations opposed to expropriation without compensation (EWC), says Piet le Roux, Sakeliga’s CEO.

The summit follows one day after Parliament accepted the Constitutional Review Committee’s report on the amendment of section 25 of the Constitution.

Several of the most prominent organisations opposed to expropriation without compensation addressed the summit, vowing to fight EWC. Various civil society organisations and political parties were present – including the ACDP; AfriForum; Afrikanerbond; COPE; DA; Dear South Africa; Free Market Foundation; FW de Klerk Foundation; Johannesburg Attorneys’ Association; Sakeliga; Solidarity; TAU SA and VF+. In addition, a number of other organisations attended as observers and participated in the deliberations.

“The security of property rights is near and dear to all reasonable people in South Africa and today’s discussion served to illustrate this. Organisations from across all sectors have used this opportunity to make a firm commitment to oppose EWC – and to continue the fight for as long as it takes,” says Le Roux

A key outcome of the summit is that Sakeliga will coordinate the drafting of a public declaration for the protection and expansion of property rights, and against EWC. The declaration will draw on international law and declarations on property rights and is intended to serve as a foundation for coordinated efforts to oppose EWC. The declaration is set to be tabled at a follow-up summit, to be held in 2019. Once finalised, the declaration will be presented locally and abroad to organisations, eminent persons and members of the public alike for their support.

“The consensus is clear – EWC threatens not only the South African economy and fundamental rights due to all citizens, but also the legitimacy of the constitutional order itself. This disastrous policy threatens the general well-being of everyone in South Africa,” Le Roux continues.

Le Roux concludes: “From the summit it was clear that organisations are committing themselves to a range of measures. These include, among others, better coordination of their efforts, legal challenges, international and local lobbying, political campaigns, pro-active programs such as the promotion of title deeds, public pressure, and more. The fight has just begun, and there is no intention of accepting a constitutional amendment that jeopardises the country’s constitutional order.”


Sakeliga – Piet le Roux

Free Market Foundation – Martin van Staden

TLU SA – Bennie van Zyl

Solidarity – Connie Mulder

Johannesburg Attorneys’ Association – Adv. Mark Oppenheimer

FW de Klerk Foundation – Dr Theuns Eloff

FF Plus – Pieter Groenewald

Dear South Africa – Rob Hutchinson

DA – Thandeka Mbabama

Cope – Mosiuoa Lekota

Afrikanerbond – Pieter Vorster

AfriForum – Kallie Kriel

ACDP – Steve Swart