Listen online: Russell Lamberti – why BEE hampers the economy


Listen to “Russell Lamberti gesels oor die ekonomie van BEE [Engels]” on Spreaker.

[Intro in Afrikaans, discussion follows in English]

Russell Lamberti, head strategist of ETM Macro Advisors,  joins the Policy Radar to discuss the contentious topic of BEE. Russell and Gerhard van Onselen recently published an article at the Mises Institute – an international free market institute in the USA – outlining thoughts on the counter productive workings of BEE in the South African economy.

The economics of BEE and free market arguments against BEE are considered. The disruptive effect of BEE on allocative efficiency is considered in some detail.

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Gerhard van Onselen is the host of the episode.