[LISTEN] Dis-Chem’s predicament – businesses are not agents of harmful state policies – Piet le Roux

Sakeliga Team Members_Piet le Roux

Piet le Roux (Sakeliga’s CEO) spoke to James Kemp on the Beleidsradar (Friday evenings in Sakekern Pretoria FM) about the recent uproar caused by an internal memorandum of Dis-Chem.

The memorandum places a moratorium on any further appointments and promotions of white people at Dis-Chem. The moratorium has been denounced from various circles. While the memorandum has been withdrawn, it is not yet clear whether Dis-Chem is going to drop the policy itself.

During the conversation, the predicament of Dis-Chem and similar companies facing harmful state policies was considered. Le Roux pointed out that Dis-Chem is in a difficult but not impossible situation.

Sakeliga is concerned that big companies too easily and too resignedly agree to be made agents for harmful state policies. In particular, businesses should not impose their own punishment in their own plans and targets.

With such policies to be applied even more agressively in future, Le Roux said businesses should stand together in organised groups to push back effectively against harmful policies.

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