Documentation for court case against business licensing


This post provides links to information and papers as filed in Sakeliga’s court case against business licensing.

UPDATE: The consolidated bundle, paginated and as used in court, is now available. It includes everything listed below. Click here.

Old links:

  • Summary of court case, click here.
  • Complete bundle by Sakeliga’s legal team, click here.
    • Sakeliga’s founding affidavit (included in bundle above), as served on respondents on 15 May 2020, click here.
  • Responding affidavits, as received on 25 May 2020, click here.
  • Sakeliga’s reply to the responding affidavits, as filed on 26 May 2020, click here.

The case has been set down in the High Court in Pretoria for 26 May 2020 and will be heard with the aid of video techonology in the High Court in Pretoria at 10:00 on 28 May 2020.