Comment on the Draft Sport and Recreation Amendment Bill, 2020


Sakeliga recently submitted its comment on the Draft National Sport and Recreation Amendment Bill, 2020. This proposed legislation aims at stricter central regulation of the sport and recreation industry in South Africa.

The proposed legislation would require enterprises in the fitness industry, among others, to comply with additional regulatory requirements, which could mean additional costs to such enterprises. Eventually, the added compliance cost could fall on consumers that would have to pay more for access to such sport and recreation facilities.

Sakeliga is not convinced that additional regulation of the sport and recreation industry is warranted at present. This bill will also result in increased government bureaucracy, which, to a greater or lesser degree, will put additional pressure on government finances and, ultimately, the taxpayer.

The  government’s budget is currently under enormous pressure, and the recent 2020 budget speech stressed the need for severe curtailment of government spending.

Sakeliga suggests that since this bill will put further obligations on the public purse, given the current pressure on the state treasury, it should be withdrawn.

Read Sakeliga’s comment at the following link.