Co-ordinated opposition will prevail against Employment Equity Amendment Act


Sakeliga welcomes the resolution to oppose the Employment Equity Amendment Act (EEAA), signed today at the invitation of Solidarity by more than thirty organisations.

The EEAA will be defeated not only by businesses organically resisting its implementation but importantly also by the co-ordinated and growing opposition of independent organisations in business and civil society and political parties. As a co-signatory, Sakeliga looks forward to continued co-operation with the signatories regarding litigation, public advocacy, and other international and local efforts to counter the Act.

The EEAA has no prospect of successful implementation. Ultimately, it requires that every business everywhere in the country should reflect in every dimension the racial and other demographic ratios of the national population. To the extent that implementation and enforcement is attempted, it will meet with business communities who have no other option but to avoid or defy this impossible, harmful and morally unacceptable Act.

Organisations in attendance today included civil society organisations and political parties, with more than half the organisations being business-focussed and spanning industry organisations, chambers of commerce, and employer organisations.

Sakeliga’s legal team is currently preparing a court application with due consideration of the public interest aspect of a favourable business environment. We will make further announcements on this in the course of June 2023.