Adopting Bitcoin 2024 – Strategies and Insights for Addressing State Failure

At the recent Adopting Bitcoin 2024 conference in Cape Town, Russell Lamberti, executive director at Sakeliga, shed light on pragmatic solutions to combat the pervasive issue of state failure.   Rather than merely discussing the challenges posed by failing state institutions, he delved into concrete strategies to mitigate their impact while drawing on lessons from […]

Agri-businesses that are ‘too white’ are indeed being threatened

The Department of Agriculture recently vehemently denied its intention to make BEE a requirement for exports. However, their confidential internal documents tell a different story. The storm broke out following front-page reports in Rapport and City Press two weeks ago, stating that the government intended to prohibit white farms from exporting. The source was two […]

The Civilian Response to Crime and Chaos

The following article is based on a speech delivered by Gideon Joubert, Head of Security Projects at Sakeliga during the 2023 Summit for stronger business chambers and organisations. South Africa has among the largest and fastest-growing organised criminal sectors in the world. According to the latest Global Organized Crime Index report, South Africa places 7th […]

How can business chambers fight back against state failure?

Sakeliga’s mission is to create scalable solutions to state failure. These three concepts – scalable, solutions, state failure – hold some key insights for how organised business communities can resist state failure and chaos in their towns and build healthy environments for businesses and the communities they serve. Let’s explore each of these concepts, starting […]

Overwhelm and undermine: Resisting the Employment Equity Amendment Act

The 17th century French poet Jean de La Fontaine explains that a person often meets his fate on the very path he took to avoid it. Given the strong reaction among businesses and professionals unleashed by the announcement of the new Employment Equity Amendment Act (EEAA) and its associated regulations, is the state hastening its […]

Fiscal Deterioration Amplifies Policy Desperation

The recent deterioration in the South African government’s finances is a reminder of its anti-growth policies and reckless spending habits which are destroying vast amounts of wealth each year. But it also raises the threat of a negative policy feedback loop, in which extreme fiscal strain inspires desperate government officials to escalate the very policies already doing so much harm.

Employment Equity Amendment Act: what you need to know and how Sakeliga is fighting back

What the Employment Equity Amendment Act means to you President Cyril Ramaphosa recently signed off on the Employment Equity Amendment Act (EEAA). By prescribing demographic quotas on who you must employ to manage and operate your business, the Act violates the required separation of society and state and seeks to replace entrepreneurial control of businesses with […]