AfriBusiness: This is not Zimbabwe – land grabbing is illegal

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The business rights watchdog AfriBusiness and land owners in Pienaarspoort attained a court order from the North Gauteng High Court on 5 June 2017 to remove illegal land invaders from these land owners’ properties. The Sheriff and the Red Ants in cooperation with the South African Police Service and Tshwane Metropolitan Police have removed all illegal occupants as set out in the court order.

“It is of utmost importance that all landowners protect their properties and interests. Property owners should, in the event of trespassing, act as soon as possible to prohibit the lengthy court processes that apply in the case of illegal land occupation. Landowners and authorities must also act swiftly against such occupations; if not, South Africa will be heading down a slippery slope, which will result in utter lawlessness such as the events in Zimbabwe in the early 2000’s,” says Charles Castle, Manager of the Labour Law Advice Unit at AfriBusiness.

Property owners should note that if no action is taken against illegal occupiers and they (property owners) are apathetic regarding the protection of property rights, the property may be lost.

The business rights watchdog therefore urges the public and specifically property owners to join organisations such as AfriBusiness to ensure that property rights as set out in Section 25 of the Constitution are protected.

AfriBusiness and AfriForum have recently released a short guide that explains and sets out of property owners’ rights. Members of the public are welcome to visit AfriBusiness’ website to obtain this information, or alternatively to contact the offices.

SMS “Land” to 32277 to assist us in the fight for the preservation of property rights in South Africa.