On 15 April 2016, AfriBusiness succeeded to obtain an interim court order in the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria to remove illegal land occupants in Bronkhorstspruit from the relevant property. This followed after members of AfriBusiness informed the organisation that illegal land occupation was taking place in that area, after which the organisation submitted an urgent application to the High Court. Further proof appeared on Facebook when alleged EFF members posted messages in which individuals were requested to occupy pieces of land in the area.

“After the owners of the different properties contacted us, we could not sit back and let this event go by uninterrupted because it is in direct violation of our constitutionally protected property rights,” Armand Greyling, Legal and Policy Adviser at AfriBusiness said. He also stated that “South Africa is currently facing great uncertainty with regard to the safety and protection of property in the country.”

The case for a final court order will be heard on 1 June 2016.