AfriBusiness holds summit on land expropriation without compensation

The business rights watchdog AfriBusiness held a summit on 6 March 2018 about expropriation without compensation. This follows after the EFF’s motion for the expropriation of land without compensation, which was also supported by the ANC, was accepted in Parliament.

The summit was attended by representatives of various civil organisations, namely AfriForum, AgriSA, the FW de Klerk Foundation, the Helen Suzman Foundation, the Solidarity Movement, the South African Institute of Race Relations, TLU SA, and the Free Market Foundation.

The DA, FF+, and ACDP, who voted against this motion, also spoke at the summit.

The summit took place under the Chatham House Rule. According to this rule, information shared at the summit may be used, but not attributed to any speaker or the organisation with which the speaker is affiliated.

During the summit, representatives of the various organisations gave their interpretations and discussed intended actions regarding the ANC and EFF’s motion for expropriation without compensation.

Piet le Roux, CEO of AfriBusiness, says it is clear that all the organisations that attended the summit, agree that the motion must be opposed with all might.

“It is crucial that civil society take urgent steps to protect property rights,” Le Roux concludes.

AfriBusiness will unceasingly continue to fight for the protection of property rights.