Taking Responsibility For Our Business Environment

Taking Responsibility For Our Business Environment

Addressing the harm of state failure on our communities starts with having a strong, purpose-built, state-proof vehicle, capable of developing scalable solutions to state failure and disorder, mounting comprehensive legal challenges, and coordinating concrete solutions to shared problems.

This vehicle is Sakeliga.

>10,000x returns on litigation

Tens of billions in economic impact

Chamber network supporting ±30k businesses

Impact Through Scale

State failure is almost always failure at scale. For failure at scale, you need solutions that scale. Our well-structured, strategic litigation achieves significant scale through the weight and legal reach of court orders and precedents.

We also support a growing footprint of business chambers across the country and invest in alternatives to failing state governance structures through targeted initiatives and coordination with local and international strategic partners.


Protected 80k businesses
Prevented over R30bn in losses from unlawful power cuts

Protecting Businesses and Ensuring Reliable Power Supply

In the face of South African’s municipal debt crisis and the crippling impact it has on businesses when Eskom cuts off power, Sakeliga emerged as a decisive force with its 4-phase energy litigation strategy. With a focus on empowering businesses and ensuring energy reliability, Sakeliga’s strategic approach delivered tangible results.


First significant rollback of BEE regulations
Unlocking billions in potential procurement savings

Protecting Businesses From Excessive Government Intervention

Sakeliga envisions a South African economy free from BEE and race-based hiring quotas, where businesses thrive based on value-creation and competitiveness. Through strategic litigation, Sakeliga has already achieved significant roll-back of BEE in a key case and further wins in court will help create a healthier environment for all businesses.


Safeguarded ±500k privately owned firearms
Stopped unlawful confiscation by SAPS – enhancing private security

Fighting For Secure Property and Trade Freedom

Sakeliga’s trade and property litigation strategy helps businesses thrive by resisting state intrusion in the economy, defending property, and preserving commercial freedom. Sakeliga’s legal efforts were instrumental in shielding businesses from undue prosecution during the lockdowns, safeguarding property from unwarranted intrusion, and robustly checking the abuse of state power in litigation tied to the ‘state of disaster’ and health regulations.

Business Chamber Support Network

We support alternative governance structures and scalable local solutions through a growing network of over 25 business chambers supporting 30 000+ businesses and employers nationally.

Make a powerful and lasting economic impact.