Watershed judgment on Eskom and municipal debt points the way

The days of Eskom unlawfully interrupting electricity supply to paying end-users in defaulting municipalities, as a strategy to recover debt from municipal governments, should be over.  This is the situation after a judgment handed down in the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) on 29 December 2020, in the appeal brought by Eskom against a judgment […]

Businesses and consumers to pay for Eskom’s mistakes – again

The independent business organisation Sakeliga lamented Nersa’s announcement of, effectively, a 13.8% increase in tariffs for electricity in 2019. The increase includes a tariff increase of 9,4% announced by Nersa today and a 4.4% increase from a previous application on the regulatory clearing account (RCA).  The increases are due to take effect on 1 April […]