Sakeliga commends Tshwane and Cape Town officials for resolute stance against criminal violence


Sakeliga has sent letters of encouragement to the mayors of Cape Town and Tshwane commending them and their cities’ officials for opposing gangsterism and intimidation from groups and organisations intent on using chaos and violence to advance their demands.

Managing such threats in large metros with limited resources and coordinating response teams across various levels of government, civil society, and the private sector is a challenging task involving considerable risk.

Sakeliga supports the restoration of constitutional order using appropriate means. Criminal actions must be decisively opposed, and key transport routes, public areas, and places of work kept secure for ordinary community and economic life. Such efforts require cooperation between several important spheres of society to restore and maintain order in the public interest. We welcome and encourage as much coordination as possible between national, provincial and local government policing and private security services, as well as other government and private emergency and support services.

Sakeliga supports all appropriate efforts in towns and cities across the country that aim to restore order and oppose gangsterism, extortion and sabotage in the public interest, regardless of which political parties or organisations initiate such actions.