WATCH: Sakeliga’s emerging strategy to tackle the electricity crisis


In the following Sakeliga discussion, Russell Lamberti (head of research and strategy at Sakeliga) and Gerhard van Onselen (Sakeliga strategist) considers the current challenges regarding Eskom and load shedding.

The discussion briefly explores Sakeliga’s emerging strategy to curb the Eskom crisis. In the end, energy independence is not simply going to be granted, it will have to be taken back.

The discussion arrives at the following conclusions:

  • Sufficient energy makes modern society possible. The state, however, continues suppressing energy solutions by means of bureaucracy and red tape.
  • The relaxations of regulations announced so far are inadequate. More energy liberalisation is needed.
  • Without energy, nobody can earn a sustainable livelihood in the modern world. In the final analysis, it is immoral of the government to continue burdening citizens with energy insecurity.
  • The disruption caused by load shedding is a great inconvenience, but worse, energy insecurity affects the vital interests of communities.
  • Furthermore, successful reforming of Eskom is doubtful given the systemic nature of the power problem, opposition by underhanded interests, and other realities (such as Eskom’s regulatory monopoly) that are held in place by the current legislative framework.
  • Sakeliga appreciates that the public and the private sector must take action to implement plans and solutions for energy independence in a more coordinated way at community local, and provincial level.
  • Solutions must be found now, regardless of the dealings of a tone-deaf government.

Sakeliga is currently developing its strategy for energy. This energy strategy will be based mainly on three core principles:

  1. Lobbying and communication of the moral arguments for an unfettered energy market where sufficient energy can be generated without stifling regulations and red tape.
  2. Investigations into all routes available with regard to the Constitution and legal precedent so as to identify loopholes and other possibilities regarding energy independence. Continued large-scale centralisation of energy will be opposed.
  3. Sakeliga will investigate possibilities for an orderly and peaceful campaign of civil resistance against energy and other regulations where vital energy independence is threatened.