Less Politics, More Business

Sakeliga supports a healthy business environment and reject harmful policy

Less politics, more business means that business people are free to make their own best business decisions. Good business decisions lead to growth. Growth leads to greater opportunities – for expansion and employment. Just imagine what could happen if every business person could be positioned to make the best business decisions for their own business? Sakeliga, at the hand of court cases and campaigns, aims to achieve this ideal. Less politics, more business.

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In a recent poll by Sakeliga, 95% of respondents indicate that the lockdown has reduced their willingness to pay taxes. Business people are community builders who create jobs and stimulate their local economies. Through their activities, they maintain and fund the schools, churches, nursing homes, and numerous other aiding organizations that make their communities work. The state's tax wallet is dependent on the business sector's wallet. Business people are generally law-abiding citizens who pay taxes. However, the fate is increasingly falling on business people to start solving local infrastructure problems at their own expense, as local state infrastructure is increasingly declining. Business people see it as their moral duty to serve and fund matters of common interest in their communities. However, paying taxes is increasingly seen as detrimental to society, given how it is mismanaged, and corruption prevails. Business people and South Africans in general now face a moral dilemma pertaining to taxation. Sakeliga believes it is time for the business community to start exhibiting their bargaining power as taxpayers. We believe that by simply showing the size of our tax wallets, we can already put a lot of pressure without exposing anyone to illegal activities. If you can relate to the moral dilemma when it comes to paying taxes, we ask that you participate in this survey so that we can apply as much pressure as possible. Feel free to share this survey with people in your business network.