BEE statement for businesses


Virtually all formalised businesses doing business in South Africa, whether of foreign or local origin, are currently required by statute to make statements about the race of their staff, shareholders, directors, contractors and even clients. The Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act is one of the most far-reaching statutory provisions in this regard.

This state of affairs poses significant risks and problems for businesses and business people. Statements about persons’ race and the implied requirement of discrimination on the basis thereof entail legal and operational risks, again locally and internationally. Moreover, racial classification is controversial; it runs counter to the good practices that many businesses would like to apply and it is understandable if business people and businesses would have conscientious objections to participating in it.

It is becoming increasingly clear that policies like Black Economic Empowerment are harmful and detrimental from both social and private points of view and do not serve the purpose of a prosperous economy and public. Sakeliga is therefore taking various steps – including legal action, public policy promotion and now also these paragraphs for businesses – to counteract the harmful impact of BEE and similar laws and policies and to promote general prosperity.

Sakeliga, with the assistance of lawyers, investigated how businesses can reduce risks with regard to statutory requirements on racial classifications, and record conscientious objections.

We have developed four paragraphs for this, which can be used to supplement the standard BEE affidavit that you have to submit in your relevant industry. By downloading the 4 paragraphs, you can indicate your conscientious objection to BEE requirements anddiminish the risks associated with statutory racial classification.

Feel free to fill out the below form and download the 4 paragraphs. We might contact you about this campaign.