Taking Back Our Trade Routes

The N3 highway is under threat. Violent crime, blockades, and public unrest plague one of Africa’s most valuable trade routes. 

The N3 Security Initiative

The N3 Security Initiative

Securing the N3 Highway with a dedicated patrol combatting violent crime – in the public interest. 


Our goal: Safeguard truck drivers and the public, protect freight and restore order to this critical trade route.

Freight losses are spiralling out of control. Tackling the problem with a strategic focus is now really a matter of urgency.


Chief Executive Officer
Road Freight Association

Escalating Highway Crime

Every year, hundreds of billions of rands of goods move along the N3 highway. 


Violent criminals exploit the vacuums left by failing state security, targeting truck drivers and commuters.


Tackling this threat is essential to reducing the mounting cost burden on transporters, insurers, producers and customers.

The Project

The N3 Security Initiative aims to establish a highway patrol equipped to combat violent highway crime.

Highway Patrol

Six professional security teams, each comprising two highly trained operators, with two fully-equipped patrol vehicles 24/7.

Operational Response

12-man intervention unit comprised of specialist operators and ready to deploy to critical incidents when required.

Control Room

24-hour fully operational control room centrally-located.


Working alongside trusted private security firms, emergency services, and industry experts.

Current Project Status

Location selection
Control facility selection
Security services selection
Legal analysis
Project fundraising
In progress
Project launch

Help Us to Protect the N3 Highway​

You can be part of taking back our highways.

We’ve raised R7 million of the R17.5 million target.

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For amounts less than R250k.

Corporate Funding


For amounts above R250k.



For R50 – R10,000 once-off or recurring.

Corporate Funding


For amounts above R250k.

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