Sakeliga’s Energy Litigation

Protecting Businesses and Ensuring Reliable Power Supply. 

In the face of South Africa’s municipal debt crisis and the crippling impact it has on businesses when Eskom cuts off power, Sakeliga emerged as a formidable force with its 4-phase energy litigation strategy. With a focus on empowering businesses and ensuring energy reliability, Sakeliga’s strategic approach garnered attention in the courts and delivered tangible results. 

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By setting legal precedents in 3 municipalities, Sakeliga's actions indirectly impacted 40 other insolvent and mismanaged municipalities
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Sakeliga has more than a 90% success rate in court, securing favourable outcomes for businesses and in their energy-related litigation cases
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Sakeliga safeguarded the operations of 79,492 formal businesses in 40 municipalities from unfair and harmful power cuts
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Sakeliga spared businesses from having to spend up to 5x more (80% savings) on alternative power sources to sustain their operations
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Sakeliga spent R2M to help 79,492 businesses avoid up to R32.4B/year in lost productivity (16,000x return on investment)



Help us protect businesses and ensure reliable power supply.

As a non-profit organisation we identify and drive cases in which business people and the public have a common interest. We offer business people a safe avenue to support litigation without public exposure and risks.

Sakeliga’s litigation fosters constitutional principles for a thriving economy.