Sakeliga takes action against state delays in court cases over municipal failure

State respondents are unconscionably delaying critical litigation over municipal decay in the North West province. Delay on the part of the state and an apparent lack of prioritization of matters of constitutional importance in the High Court in Mahikeng exposes communities and business people to escalating state failure.  This is the state of affairs after the […]

Urgent relief granted in Sakeliga case in Ditsobotla

The High Court in Mahikeng yesterday granted urgent relief in Sakeliga’s court application concerning the crisis in Lichtenburg and Coligny in the Ditsobotla Local Municipality. The judgment forms part of a court case by Sakeliga and others aimed at facilitating the orderly restoration of water supply by communities and forcing national government to intervene. The […]

Sakeliga heads to court for urgent order to restore water services and force national government to intervene in Lichtenburg

In a far-reaching urgent court application, Sakeliga is now asking for a court order to force the national government to intervene directly in the Ditsobotla local municipality (Lichtenburg and Coligny) and to empower community organisations to undertake emergency interventions. The application requests authorisation for community organisations to intervene on an interim basis in the delivery […]

Lichtenburg under “gangsterism” management, but government drags feet

“This place is managed by gangsterism” – these were the words used by the director-general of a national government department to describe the Ditsobotla Municipality. The admission came in a meeting held on Friday morning, 30 September, between government representatives, Sakeliga, and various parties interested in and affected by the failure of Ditsobotla Municipality. Nevertheless, […]

Government to meet with Sakeliga on Friday regarding Lichtenburg crisis

The state attorney and members of government will meet with Sakeliga on Friday 30 September regarding the crisis in Lichtenburg and the greater Ditsobotla Local Municipality. The meeting comes after demands by Sakeliga on 23 September, for urgent rectification of the Northwest Province’s chaotic and irrational intervention in the collapsed Ditsobotla Local Municipality. Businesses and […]

Sakeliga makes urgent demands of president and premier regarding Lichtenburg crisis

Sakeliga demands urgent proper intervention by the Premier of North West regarding the municipal crisis in Lichtenburg, alternatively by the President of South Africa. The urgent letter of demand by Sakeliga’s attorneys on Friday follows after the provincial government once again improperly intervened and caused an acute crisis in the Ditsobotla Municipality. The provincial government […]