Latest on Tender Regulations in South Africa

16 February 2022: Sakeliga wins in Constitutional Court: race-based procurement disqualification unlawful In February 2022, following a court battle of five years, Sakeliga achieved the first major BEE roll-back through litigation in the Constitutional Court. The court found that the Minister had exceeded his powers by promulgating controversial race-based procurement regulations (PPPFA regulations). The procurement […]

Treasury concedes to Sakeliga: organs of state may proceed with procurement

The Director-General of the National Treasury, Dondo Mogajane, today conceded to Sakeliga that his circular to organs of state regarding continued BEE prerequirements and stopping tenders was not binding.   This comes after a countrywide crisis was looming over the past couple of days in which virtually all government tender processes would grind to a halt […]