What is Sakeliga doing in Ditsobotla? 

Litigation and advice 

Like many towns nationwide, Lichtenburg and its neighbouring towns are suffering from state failure. 


The Ditsobotla Local Municipality is almost entirely dysfunctional. Provincial interventions produce little improvement. 


That things still work at all is largely thanks to the businesspeople, farmers, community organisations and residents who exert intense pressure and make alternative plans. 


At the invitation of AgriNW and others, Sakeliga is involved in finding solutions. However, as a national organisation, we can never replace the role of local leaders and organisations. Therefore, Sakeliga’s role is to provide key support, in two ways: 


Court cases, to enforce step-by-step, all constitutional interventions and, where necessary, to obtain recognition for alternative solutions. 


Advice to local organisations on how they can use alternative service structures. 

Where do things currently stand? 

What happens next?

How can you help? With evidence! 

With this information you can help to secure a victory in the court case. 

What is Sakeliga's strategy for functioning towns? 

State failure is destroying our towns. 


Service delivery plummets, crime rises, and rural economies are threatened by collapse. If these towns and their economies are not stabilised, the unrest and poverty will spread from town to town, with even worse consequences. 


To succeed in our mission of a favourable business environment, Sakeliga must therefore also develop solutions against state decay at the local level. But not just any solutions – the solutions must be scalable, so that each successive town can apply them more easily, cheaply, and quickly. 

Sakeliga’s strategy for functioning towns is twofold: 


  1. Our litigation builds legal authority that makes it easier, cheaper and faster for business organisations to enforce intervention and administration (where possible) and implement court-recognised alternatives (where necessary). 
  2. We offer a business chamber support network within which business organisations can obtain advice from us and each other on how to litigate and how to set up alternative service delivery structures themselves.