LISTEN: Sakeliga puts the spotlight on energy regulations and will advocate for energy independence

Sakeliga Team Members_Gerhard van Onselen

In the latest edition of the Beleidsradar, Sakeliga’s weekly insert on Pretoria FM, Sakeliga Strategist Gerhard van Onselen and James Kemp (Pretoria FM) discuss a recent opinion piece on Eskom published by Sakeliga.

The article, written by Russell Lamberti, Sakeliga’s Executive Director for Research and Strategy, considers the issue of Eskom and electricity supply, arguing that securing abundant energy supply is a vital interest of communities and society at large. Lamberti reasons that energy independence will have to be taken back, as it won’t be granted.

The core of the matter is that government remains too slow in freeing up the energy market for solutions as it aims to protect special and even corrupt interests.

Sakeliga will develop an advocacy and jurisprudential strategy aimed at attacking the energy crisis from various fronts. The aim of this approach is to open the way for market-driven solutions to come to the fore.