LISTEN: Sakeliga institutes legal action against health regulations


In today’s Beleidsradar (also broadcast on Sakekern, PretoriaFM) Tian Alberts (Sakeliga’s Legal Officer) talks to James Kemp (Pretoria FM) about Sakeliga’s urgent litigation against the health regulations that were enacted on 4 May 2022.

These regulations are aimed at giving permanence to the regulations that were applied during the Covid-19 state of disaster. The lawfulness of these regulations is being challenged from several quarters. The regulations have already given rise to enormous resistance and unprecedented public participation and comments have been submitted.

Sakeliga believes the current regulations were promulgated unlawfully and irrationally by the minister. Sakeliga’s litigation against the regulations will be heard towards the end of June 2022. Several other institutions will also present their cases during the same week. Sakeliga welcomes this. The more institutions target these harmful regulations from their unique points of view, the better.

See also Sakeliga’s media statement in this regard here.