Sakeliga honours Mike Schüssler upon his passing

Mike Schüssler

It is with great sadness that Sakeliga notes the passing of Mike Schüssler.

The burden of a good economist is seeing the otherwise unseen and unforeseen harms of active government and state intervention. Mike Schüssler bore this burden with distinction and was forthright about the policy-induced problems facing the South African economy and society. With his public influence he sought to steer government policy in better directions and to alert business and civil society in general to policy risks.

Sakeliga had the pleasure of his company as guest speaker at our events over the years and benefitted from his ever-readiness to assist with views and advice. Where the need was great, Mike involved himself actively, as when in 2020, together with several other people and organisations, including Sakeliga, he helped form Business for Ending Lockdown to counter-act the harms of lockdown.

We express our condolences to his loved ones and colleagues.