Sakeliga appoints Russell Lamberti as chief economist 


Business organisation Sakeliga has appointed Russell Lamberti to the position of chief economist, effective 1 September 2021.

Lamberti will be responsible for economic and policy analysis and development at Sakeliga, aimed not only at regulatory reform but also at developing private sector alternatives and solutions. He will provide strategic and managerial input in support of the organisation’s mission of building independent businesses communities for a flourishing society.

Lamberti will remain a member of Sakeliga’s board of directors, a position in which he has served in non-executive capacity since January 2021. He now joins the executive team, led since 2017 by chief executive officer and director Piet le Roux, full-time. 

“Russell Lamberti is an excellent fit for Sakeliga’s mission,” says Le Roux. “He brings extensive problem-solving experience as an economist and macro-strategist, having advised top-level fund managers and professional investors in a global and – especially tough – South African context.

“At Sakeliga, he will not only lead the economic and policy team, but also help us conceptualise and implement solutions to state-proof economic activity and boost businesses’ independence in a difficult operating environment, in the interest of prosperity and societal flourishing.”  

“This is an exciting and refreshing opportunity and comes at a time in which regulation and operating conditions have become extremely hostile to doing business, building wealth, and establishing secure and prosperous communities,” says Lamberti. “I am looking forward to the immense challenge and privilege of serving Sakeliga members and joining the excellent team at Sakeliga in building institutional capacity to ensure a secure, prosperous, state-proof business network and operating environment.”   

Russell Lamberti graduated from the School of Economics at the University of Cape Town, after which he joined economic consultants Econometrix. He subsequently moved into the role of chief strategist at ETM Analytics before founding investment advisory firm ETM Macro Advisors. Russell is an author, accomplished public speaker, and highly experienced analyst on economic and policy matters.