Sakeliga’s principled approach to policy

Sakeliga believes that communities can only prosper alongside a sound business environment. It is for that reason that we closely monitor public policy. What we wish to see is government goodwill toward enterprises, strong private property rights, and the ability of businesses to responsibly make decisions about their own affairs without undue political interference. In other words: More Business, Less PoliticsSakeliga therefore supports a free-market economy and a legal order based on sound constitutional principles; and stands opposed to policies that undermine the freedoms requisite for human flourishing. 

Sakeliga’s strategic approach to policy

Sakeliga subscribes to a causal-realist framework in its analysis of policy. This means that we have regard to policies based on their foreseeable consequences, not the intentions or abstractions of those who propose them. We advocate for the ideas that underlie ‘n free and flourishing society – constitutional order, free markets, and strong communities – in political and public forums. When an adequate number of influential people (not necessarily a majority) are convinced of the superiority of good ideas, they will apply pressure to bring about change. Sakeliga participates in the policy discourse by way of opinion articles, press releases, submissions on policy proposals, seminars, research papers, and legal action in the courts. 






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