[LISTEN] Verskans Ep 4 – When is the law just or unjust?

Gerhard van Onselsen
Gerhard van Onselsen

In Verskans episode 4, Gerhard van Onselen (Strategist, Sakeliga) examines the law and puts the question of how the justness or unjustness of laws, regulations, and government policy should be judged.

The dilemma of the duty to obey authority is considered. This duty should be judged against the reality of laws that are not always just or fair or not made for honourable reasons.

History shows numerous examples of evil laws and policies.

Authorities do not have a free pass to simply make any law, because they are also accountable to a higher authority as enshrined in constitutional requirements and principles.

This episode provides guidelines that may be used to judge the justness or unjustness of laws and regulations.

The conclusion we arrive at is that it is indeed essential to stand up to unjust politics, even in the law, and to combat the abuse of unlawful state power (in the deepest sense of the word).

Becoming stateproof would entail standing up to and providing protection against unjust laws that threaten vital interests.

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