Listen online: Dr Titus Gebel on the next evolution of Special Economic Zones


Listen to “Dr. Titus Gebel oor die volgende evolusie van Spesiale Ekonomiese Gebiede” on Spreaker.

The Policy Radar was recently joined by Dr Titus Gebel. Dr Gebel is a legal practitioner and entrepreneur that works in the area of special economic zones and jurisdictions.

Special economic zones and jurisdictions have been applied with success in various countries and regions including China and Dubai (UAE) for the purpose of economic development.

In this episode, Dr Gebel gives an overview of SEZs and provide some examples. We consider the possibilities that SEZs and more elaborate special administrative jurisdictions could hold for a country such as South Africa.

We also consider some harder questions on the implementation of such zones.

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Note: Introduction in Afrikaans, discussion follows in English. Gerhard van Onselen (analyst at Sakeliga) is the host of the episode.