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Sakeliga policy is to hold all cryptocurrency donations in cold storage, multisig hard wallets until December 31, 2027, with a maximum 5% annual drawdown of previous closing year value. We will review this policy after this date.

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Right now, the opportunities for creating solutions to state failure and building a state-proof future for business are unprecedented – and we are inviting you to be part of it. 


Your committed funding allows us to build the capacity we need to seize these opportunities and continue winning crucial victories toward a secure and flourishing economy. 

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R30,000 to R120,000/year

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R120,000 to R1 million/year

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Over R1 million/year
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Sakeliga is bringing together mission-aligned funding partners who understand the urgency and opportunity in the task before us.


Sakeliga funding partners are taking up the task of responsible stewardship, wise risk management, and making a substantial economic impact.





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