Economic opportunities with calls for vigilance on restrictions – Sakeliga Report

The economy for business in Q2 2021 Businesses should not miss opportunities in the current economic upswing driven by a reprieve from the severe restrictions of 2020 and policies that encourage consumption, but vigilance in monitoring new Covid restrictions must be maintained. These are some of the insights contained in the Sakeliga-ETM report Economic Highlights […]

Q1/2021: Economic Highlights for Business Strategy

Executive summary The lockdown risk we warned about in November was unfortunately realised in December and January, globally and also domestically. Global economic restrictions have caused renewed disruptions to production and trade activity. Combined with domestic restrictions to the tourism, restaurant, entertainment, and alcohol sectors, foreign restrictions have caused the domestic recovery from H2 2020 […]

Q4/2020: Economic Highlights for Business Strategy

Executive summary The last few months have revealed how unwilling global governments are to end lockdown restrictions and relinquish lockdown powers. The world is struggling to get back to normal and this will have a negative impact on South Africa’s fragile recovery. While SA production is recovering, household incomes remained under strain in Q3. Spending […]