MAN up! Guiding principles for farmers to Navigate AgriBEE

How can productive farmers protect their businesses against the harmful consequences of the proposed AgriBEE guidelines? This difficult question arose after Sakeliga recently released confidential documentation related to planned BEE enforcement in the sector to the public. Sakeliga has put forward some considerations for farmers wanting to adopt proactive strategies to maintain their productivity, quality, […]

Small-town South Africa is down, but that doesn’t mean it is out

Many an obituary has been written about South Africa’s small and remote towns. However, while many of these towns have been and are suffering from chronic mismanagement and decay, hope is emerging in new paradigms that move beyond overreliance and dependence upon a failing state. Bringing stability and prosperity back to local economies and communities […]

When is a target a quota and why it matters

Quick summary  Introduction  The former military dictator of Uganda, Idi Amin is often cited as having proclaimed that under his regime “There is freedom of speech, but I cannot guarantee freedom after speech.” Such word games are not unlike the South African government’s attempt to convince us that the sectoral targets set by the Minister […]

Public interest litigation: a high-impact tool for responsible business

Rather than to complain about state failure and harmful policy, Sakeliga was established as an outcome-focussed entity with an unambiguous value proposition – impactful litigation to establish a healthy business environment stewarded by an independent and resilient – state-proof – business community. Sakeliga is a premier vehicle for businesspeople and organisations to create scalable solutions to state failure.