Take Mogalakwena municipal manager to court for contempt

MOGALAKWENA CONTEMPT CASE Steun Hierdie Saak Why this case? In consequence of a court order that Sakeliga obtained on 18 January 2022 against the Mogalakwene municipality in Limpopo compelling the municipal manager to hand over to Sakeliga several records such as financial reports and council resolutions, and the municipal manager having disregarded the order, Sakeliga […]

Prevent Musina electricity cuts

PREVENT MUSINA ELECTRICITY CUTS Support similar cases IMPACT OF THIS CASE Eskom gave notice on 29 June 2018 that they would cut off power supply to Musina, due to the fact that the municipality is in breach of settling escalating debt to Eskom. Sakeliga has brought an urgent court application to prevent Eskom from proceeding […]