Air Services Licensing Council takes legal advice on its unlawful BEE requirements

The Air Services Licensing Council (ASLC) has asked Sakeliga for time to seek legal advice on a letter from our attorneys regarding its irresponsible and unlawful air service licencing processes. If proper, the advice will confirm to the ASLC that there is no basis in law for making race, transformation, or B-BBEE a prerequisite for […]

Sakeliga rejects Sahpra’s BEE conditions for medical products

Sakeliga rejects the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority’s (Sahpra) proposed BEE conditions for the manufacture, import, prescribing and trading of health products and medical equipment.  Sahpra’s plan to make BEE a prerequisite in the medical industry is contained in a new draft policy entitled “Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment Policy for Issuance of Licences”. The […]

Stop load reduction

STOP LOAD REDUCTION Support this case Why this case? This court case against Eskom seeks to bring relief to businesses and other paying direct end users of Eskom who have been subjected since 2021 to “load reduction” — irregular power outages implemented on top of load shedding. Correspondence accessed by Sakeliga indicates that Eskom is […]

Speed up drastic interventions at Ditsobotla municipality

Sakeliga is now asking for a court order to force the national government to intervene directly in the Ditsobotla local municipality (Lichtenburg and Coligny) and to empower community organisations to undertake emergency interventions.

Remove obstructions to alternative electricity

REMOVE OBSTRCUTIONS TO ALTERNATIVE ELECTRICITY Support This Case Bring obstructions to our attention Why this case? Sakeliga is currently investigating options for legal action to remove obstructions to alternative electricity in South Africa. We invite business people and others, who have concrete needs for legal assistance on a principled basis, to approach us. The large-scale […]

Prevent monopolisation of service delivery by municipalities (SALGA case)

PREVENT MONOPOLISATION OF SERVICE DELIVERY BY MUNICIPALITIES (SALGA CASE) Support This Case Why this case? Sakeliga instructed its attorneys to apply for joinder as amicus curiae (friend of the court) in a court case in which the applicant, SALGA, asks for a declaratory order that municipalities enjoy an exclusive right to distribute electricity within their […]

Appoint paymaster in municipalities in North West (Paymaster case)

Tell us about the state of your municipalityComplete our short surveyNaledi municipality owes Eskom R390-millionDue to poor debt collection and tariff payment defaults Previous Next NORTH WEST PAYMASTER Support This Case Why this case? Eskom, water boards and other important service providers are not getting paid by the Ditsobotla and Naledi municipalities in North West […]

Stop irregular municipal collections by third parties (Ideal Prepaid)

IDEAL PREPAID CASE (NORTH WEST) Support This Case Why this case? This is an application that was brought towards the end of 2019, where Sakeliga on an urgent basis obtained an interim order against the Kgetlengrivier Local Municipality (Part A of the application) to prevent the municipality from receiving municipal service delivery fees into the […]