Air Services Licensing Council takes legal advice on its unlawful BEE requirements

The Air Services Licensing Council (ASLC) has asked Sakeliga for time to seek legal advice on a letter from our attorneys regarding its irresponsible and unlawful air service licencing processes. If proper, the advice will confirm to the ASLC that there is no basis in law for making race, transformation, or B-BBEE a prerequisite for […]

State unlawfully trying to make BEE a prerequisite for air services licenses

The Air Services Licensing Council (ASLC) is unlawfully threatening to withhold air services licenses from aviation business owners based on their race. In a letter from our attorneys, Sakeliga has urgently demanded that the ASLC immediately stops this unlawful and unconstitutional process. Sakeliga invites role players in the aviation industry who require more information on […]

Agri-businesses that are ‘too white’ are indeed being threatened

The Department of Agriculture recently vehemently denied its intention to make BEE a requirement for exports. However, their confidential internal documents tell a different story. The storm broke out following front-page reports in Rapport and City Press two weeks ago, stating that the government intended to prohibit white farms from exporting. The source was two […]

Sakeliga takes further action on Minister of Agriculture’s AgriBEE plan and international trade agreements

Sakeliga is taking further steps to ensure accountability at the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform, and Rural Development regarding its unlawful AgriBEE plans and possible violation of international trade agreements. This follows Sakeliga’s publication last week of confidential internal plans by the Department to impose unlawful BEE requirements on the agricultural industry. Sakeliga has now […]

New state procurement proposal a perfect recipe for accelerated state failure

The latest amendments by the National Treasury to the State Procurement Bill are the perfect recipe for accelerated state failure. It aims to compel all municipalities, provinces, and state entities – regardless of political party or ‘independence’ – to award tenders according to the same failed national government policies. The proposals create explicit obligations for […]

Sakeliga to institute contempt proceedings against COGTA Minister

Sakeliga and its legal representatives are finalising a substantive application for contempt of court against the Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, her Department, and its Director-General. The application stems from an order granted by the Gauteng Division of the High Court Pretoria on 9 November 2022. The order compels the Minister, the National […]

Overwhelm and undermine: Resisting the Employment Equity Amendment Act

The 17th century French poet Jean de La Fontaine explains that a person often meets his fate on the very path he took to avoid it. Given the strong reaction among businesses and professionals unleashed by the announcement of the new Employment Equity Amendment Act (EEAA) and its associated regulations, is the state hastening its […]