Business and civil society must first delay, then prevent NHI


Sakeliga does not and will not accept the proposed national health insurance scheme accepted by the Parliament of South Africa today. 

Sakeliga considers the Bill on National Health Insurance unimplementable, unworkable, and harmful. It is detrimental to economy, to health, and to society in general.

We emphasise that resolute opposition by business and civil society organisations can delay the NHI’s progress by years and buy enough time to prevent its implementation. Hindering the Bill’s implementation are not only many further legislative processes, not only several political elections, and not only waves of litigation, but in the final instance the unwavering opposition of responsible business and civil society organisations who are standing up like never before.

Sakeliga looks forward to co-operation against the NHI with many strong organisations in the coming years. We invite businesses, who wish to ensure a flourishing economy for a flourishing society and prevent the state from taking control of health care services, to approach and support Sakeliga.