Breakfast with Spanish Embassy opens new possibilities


On Thursday, 13 May, Sakeliga added another international liaison opportunity to its list of successful events. The breakfast session with the Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain was well attended and interesting discussions took place around mutual cooperation.

A presentation by the Chief Economic and Commercial Advisor of the Spanish Embassy in South Africa, Mr Isaac Barbero, shared important commercial and economic information with Business League members and guests. Spanish companies currently conduct a lot of business in Germany, France and Italy, but unfortunately not to the same degree in Southern Africa. Spain’s trade opportunities are not well known by the South African business community and there is a lot of room for growth and expansion in this area.

Spain’s main imports are oil, steel, clothing and textiles, and its main exports are motorvehicles, motorvehicle parts and accessories – although Spain is not home to any particular vehicle brand.

During the question and answer session, Mr Barbero pointed out that South Africa and Spain have a lot in common, which makes it beneficial for companies in both countries to trade with each other. Specific reference was made to similar imports, as well as the excellent work ethic of the country’s people. The Spanish advanced industrial economically competitive Mondragon project ( has aroused particular interest among South Africans. There was also great interest in tertiary education.

Sakeliga would like to prioritize direct trade relations most relevant to its members. A survey will be launched soon which will attempt to determine which countries specifically Sakeliga members would prefer the organisation to focus on for its international liaison program. Members are invited to participate and share their preferences.

Delegates from the Enbassy of the Kingdom of Spain with members of Sakeliga’s executive management team.