Sakeliga’s BEE Litigation

Protecting Businesses From Excessive Government Intervention.

Sakeliga envisions a South African economy free from BEE and race-based hiring quotas, where businesses thrive based on value-creation and competitiveness. Through strategic litigation, Sakeliga has already achieved significant roll-back of BEE in a key court case and further wins in court will help create a healthy business environment, benefitting all businesses.


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R120B each year could be saved if greater competition improved pricing by just 10% of the R1.2T annual tender purchases
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The sectors currently facing licensing threats - property, communications, and financial services - generate R1.69T turnover annually
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Abating licensing requirements would collectively save property practitioners alone R1B in BEE audits and opportunity cost each year
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Severe disruptions and dislocations in the 11M formal jobs market due to unprecedented EEAA market interference
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A 20% improvement in M&A volumes would raise dealflow by over R110B per year, unlocking enormous additional benefit in value chains


Help us protect businesses from excessive government intervention

As a non-profit organisation we identify and drive cases in which business people and the public have a common interest. We offer business people a safe avenue to support litigation without public exposure and risks.

Sakeliga’s litigation fosters constitutional principles for a thriving economy.