New Wave of BEE Risks Destroying Businesses

New wave BEE policies pose a threat to industries like agriculture, aviation, property, and telecoms.


Your sector might be next. Businesses will suffer, competition will drop, and we risk losing economic opportunities. We can’t allow this. Sakeliga is fighting against these harmful policies, and we need your help to win.

BEE Litigation Impact Snapshot

Litigated 1st BEE Rollback

PPPFA Regs Declared Illegal

Boosted Tendering Businesses by 20k-40k

Saved Public up to R120M each year

Moving BEE From Voluntary to Compulsory

Moving BEE From Voluntary to Compulsory

Through unprecedented market interference, new-wave BEE policies will soon dictate who can trade at all, potentially disrupting 11 million jobs. Building on our victory in rolling back a key BEE policy at the Constitutional Court, Sakeliga is committed to fighting for you and every other business before it’s too late. Your livelihood is on the line, and by standing alongside Sakeliga in this fight, you can safeguard your work and your family’s future.

Inaction Now Invites the New BEE Wave to Engulf Your Business Later

After a five-year legal battle, Sakeliga’s PPPFA case win is a game-changer for responsible procurement. Our victory ensures state entities prioritise value-for-money over restrictive BEE and local supplier requirements, unlocking new possibilities for businesses across South Africa.


Executive Director

Fight BEE With Maximum Achievable Non-Compliance

Business owners are encouraged to champion productivity, excellence, societal impact, and fulfilling commercial duties, valuing these principles over mere adherence to the latest BEE regulations. In instances where these regulations prove unjust or detrimental, business owners should aim for maximum achievable non-compliance as prudently as possible.


Blueprint coming soon. 

Turn the Tide of the New Wave BEE

As the new wave of BEE threatens to alter entire industries and destroy hundreds of millions of Rands in business value, supporting Sakeliga’s litigation efforts can alter its course, reversing the impact of the EEAA and making it ineffective. It won’t be easy. It will be a fight.


We need your support to fight this together.

Key New BEE Wave Litigation Unfolding


Sakeliga exposes unlawful BEE plans in agriculture. Taking action against threats to ‘too white’ agri-businesses. Join us in shaping a fair future for agriculture.


The Air Services Licensing Council seeks Sakeliga’s legal advice on unlawful BEE requirements. Join us for fair and transparent regulations.


The Competition Commission distorts ‘public interest,’ impacting both the public and the economy negatively. Join us in promoting fair and unbiased competition for the benefit of all.

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